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Breastfeeding and Nursing Answer Sheet For New Mothers


This information is provided by Robin B. Frees, director of New Born Concepts located in Malvern Pennsylvania.

Robin and her team of certified lactation consultants offer both home and office visits for new mothers requiring help

with breastfeeding issues and pumping as well as issues faced when returning to work.  Communities served include Malvern, King of Prussia,

Wayne, Exton, Downingtown, West Chester and many others.

Even though breastfeeding or nursing may be best for my baby, I think that :

It may be hard to learn.
Like any new skill (driving, dancing…) there is a learning period (the first 6 weeks) then there is a reward period.

With support and education women can make it to the reward period. “I never saw a baby nursing until I nursed my own.”

It may hurt.
IT IS NOT SUPPOSED TO HURT! Early newborn tenderness might peak between day 3 and 7. Toe curling pain, cracks,

blisters and bleeding are not normal and are a sign of a problem that needs attention.

It may be embarrassing.
Mothers can practice discreet nursing in front of a mirror or at a support group of other nursing mothers. Motherwear has a

“Discreet Nursing Pamphlet” available for free. Even if a mother cannot overcome this feeling, she can pump and bottle feed while in public.

It may ruin my figure.
Nursing mothers can lose up to a pound a week and still breastfeed successfully. Pregnancy already changed her body, nursing, along with

exercise and a healthy diet will reduce the effect of the pregnancy.

It may ruin my sex life.
A new baby can ruin a sex life even if you are not breastfeeding! We can’t blame everything on breastfeeding. Relationships are changed

by children but with patience and communication they can grow to a deeper level of underst anding.

I’d have to change the way I eat.

Eat when hungry and drink when thirsty. Your body will tell you if you are not getting enough. Baby will get the same quality

breastmilk no matter what you eat but if your diet is poor than you will not feel as good as when you eat right. Most foods in

moderation have no effect on breastfeeding babies.

I wouldn’t make enough milk.
Only about 2-5% of all women cannot actually make enough milk. Everyone else just has a temporary decrease in their

supply that with the right information can be increased.

I couldn’t smoke or drink.
Breastfeeding can help protect a baby against respiratory infections that are more common in infants who live in a

house with a smoker. A mother can decrease how much she smokes and only smoke right after a feed to decrease the

amount of toxins in the breastmilk. Mothers should never smoke in the same room as the baby anyway.

Drinking occasionally and in moderation is OK especially if mother pumps milk containing too much alcohol or waits

to nurse til her blood alcohol level has decreased.

I couldn’t take “the pill”.
Once a milk supply is established (6-8 weeks) a progesterone mini pill may not have any effect on a mother’s supply.

Also, an IUD is also another alternative.

I couldn’t return to work or school.
Now that quality breast pumps are available for rent or purchase many options for maintaining a milk supply are possible

while mother is away from her baby. Planning ahead and good information and support are helpful.

Prepared by Robin B. Frees, BA, IBCLC
References: LLLI  The Breastfeeding Answer Book and Nursing Mother, Working Mother by Gale Pryor

Robin B Frees, BA, CHt, HBCE, IBCLC
NewBorn Concepts
HypnoFertility Educator
HypnoBirthing Educator
Infant Massage Instructor
Board Certified Lactation Consultant
Home visits are available to the following zip codes and many other local areas:
19355, 19460, 19380, 19382, 19462, 19341, 19087

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