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What If I Cannot Make Enough Milk For My Baby?

FAQ: What if I don’t make enough milk for my baby?

Myth: Many women don’t make enough milk.
Reality:   Only about 2-5% of all women cannot actually make enough milk.

Everyone else who experiences low milk supply just has a temporary decrease in their supply

that with the right information can be increased.  Be sure to get medical advice but if you want to

see a lactation consultant, or your Dr. recommends that you see one, you can get help finding a

lactaion consultant in your area :  Click here for information about finding a Lactation Consultant

in Your Area for a home or office visit.

Robin B. Frees IBCLC – Lactation Consultant

Robin is the founder and director of NewBorn Concepts

with offices in Malvern and Wayne, Pennsylvania.

Call: 610-644-1379 for an appointment, for classes and/or

for a home visit regarding nursing problems and solutions,

by a qualified lactation consultant.

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