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Will Breast Feeding My Baby Hurt? New Mother FAQ’s

FAQ:  Will it hurt to nurse or breastfeed my baby?

Myth: It may hurt.

Reality: IT IS NOT SUPPOSED TO HURT! Early newborn tenderness might peak between day 3 and 7.

Toe curling pain, cracks, blisters and bleeding are not normal and are all signs of a problem that needs attention.

Often, these problems can be solved quickly and effectivly by making minor changes such as positioning the baby.

Robin B. Frees IBCLC Lactation Consultant

Robin is the director of Newborn Concepts with

offices in Malvern and Wayne.  Home visits are

also scheduled througout the Main Line, including

Paoli, West Chester, King of Prussia and in many surrounding areas.

Call 610-644-1379 for an appointment with a lactation consultant

recommended by physicians.

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