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Want A Unique Experience and Activity For You And Your Baby? Malvern Baby Signing Classes

If you are a new parent, you already know that your preverbal baby understands more than he or

she can respond to because young children have not yet developed language abilities.

But, if you are looking for a new way to have fun, engage your baby, and to introduce communication,

skills, bonding, and music into your relationship, with your baby or young child,

then NewBorn Concepts has a new course for you.

Hear Me Sign is a program that offers baby sign language classes to adults and children,

ages birth to 3.

This program will benefit adults, pre-verbal children, and children who are verbal,

but have difficulty communicating.

The instructor and founder of Hear Me Sign, Amy Burns, is a certified special education teacher

and sign language instructor.

Did you know that a preverbal child can learn over 100 signs and 10 or more songs?

Newborn Concepts is offering a 90 minute beginner workshop to introduce 30+ signs and more

than 3 or more songs – this workshop includes First Signs and Mealtime signs.

Additional workshop classes can be scheduled to learn more! These classes are designed for parents

to learn signs in a baby friendly atmosphere; however, adults can also attend on their own.

Through this class, your child  will be able to communicate with you and others, before they can talk!

Once your baby or young child learns to sign they will be able to express their wants, needs and feelings

to you and, and you will be able to understand what they want right away – without the crying, miscommunication,

and tantrums!

The beginner’s workshop runs for 90-minutes and is $55.00.

The price includes a sign language DVD and a child-friendly book!

Sign up for the class with a friend… your babies will be able to learn and communicate together!

Workshops are currently scheduled for October 5th from 2-3:30 and November 2nd from 10-11:30.

Call Newborn Concepts and 610-644-1379 to schedule!

NewBorn Concepts and this great new parent class is located in Malvern Pennsylvania

at 116 E. King Street.  Pre-registration is required. Call 610-933-8069

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