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How Do I Increase My Milk Supply?

Many new mothers are concerned about whether or not they are making enough milk.

However, your lactation consultant should be able to weiagh your baby using a sensitve scale, both

before and after feeding to determine how much milk your baby is really getting.

Once you have determined that you actually do have a low supply, there are things that you can

do to increase your milk supply.

First, consider pumping using an electric or manual pump.  Also, consider feeding

your baby or pumping more frequently.

Another resource for increased milk supply can be found at CD For Increased Milk Supply.

Making More Milk CD

Making More Milk CD

Robin B. Frees IBCLC is a lactation consultant with office in Malvern.

Her practice, NewBorn Concepts, also offers in home prenatal and

post natal visits by Robin and her Certified Lactation Consultants.





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