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Beyonce, Breastfeeding in Public, Returning To Work and You

Have you ever had issues or even been confronted
while breastfeeding in public?

Have other mothers, shop owners, employers, waiters
or others made you feel uncomfortable about
breastfeeding publicly – even if

Are you considering returning to work and wondering
about nuring or pumping while working?

While society’s attitudes and work place rules about nursing and
breastfeeding are changing and becoming more supportive,
many mothers still face restictions and condemnation about
nursing their babies (however discretly) in public places.

Beyonce, however has no such personal concerns and
this article discusses her experiences nursing her new baby


The breastfeeding article also contains links related to
the issues face by nursing mothers.

And, here’s another link to a article on how to
nurse in public.

For more information on pumping and returning to work, visit

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Pumping CD

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also have a resource for new Moms that is relaxing and the
perfect tool for increasing your milk supply
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