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Breastfeeding Shouldn’t Hurt – Avoiding Pain and Achieving A Successful Latch

Breastfeeding Shouldn’t Hurt
Achieving Successful Latch

By: Robin B. Frees IBCLC and Videos by
Dr. Jack Newman

We have all heard someone say it – “Breastfeeding can be painful
for the first few… days, hours, weeks”

But the truth is, that pain associated with breastfeeding
is not normal and may be associated with a number of factors or
conditions that can be easily cured or corrected with the right
advice and information.

One of the most common causes of pain associated with
breastfeeding, is an improper latch when putting the baby to the

What are the signs of a poor latch that might be causing
pain during breastfeeding?

1) Smacking sounds when the baby is nursing

2) A biting sensation when at the breast

3) A compression mark on the nipple after feeding

4) Nipple is released or falls out of the baby’s mouth when it pauses

5) Bleeding after nursing

6) Baby is failing to gain weight

7) Any PAIN following feeding.

Again, breastfeeding should not hurt and pain is simply
not normal.

So if you are experiencing any pain during nursing, be sure
to consult your doctor or a certified lactation consultant
in your area as quick and often simple interventions
can eliminate even greater pain later.

If you’d like more information and good videos
on achieving a great latch, here are a few videos
of Dr. Jack Newman:

Robin B Frees IBCLC is a Malvern PA based
certified lactation consultant and director of
NewBorn Concepts which serves Malvern, and the
Western Main Line, Phoenixville, Collegeville, Exton and
surrounding communities.

For Office or Home visits by a certified lactation
consultant: 610-644-1379

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