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HypnoBirthing – Using Hypnosis To Achieve The Birth You Desire

Space is Limited For The January Class

Two spots are already taken and only two
or three more couples can still join.

If you’re due in February, March or April, this
is the class for you.

Register now to save your spot.

Why register now for the January class?

This class starts on January 7th.  But……

You want the time to learn, practice and become
great at the skills of relaxing to achieve a more
natural birth and the birth that you desire.

For more information on HypnoBirthing generally
click here.

To pay your deposit and reserve one
of the two or three remaining spots click here.

For questions about reistering for the class
call Robin Frees IBCLC at 610-644-1379.

Who is This Class For?

This Class IS for You If:

If you are pregnant and expecting to deliver in February
March, or April

You want a calmer, easier, and more pleasant birth
experience for you and your baby

If you want a natural birth this is for you but
these techniques can also be used if you have an
epidural or even in the case of a cesarean birth

You’re looking for a class that you can take with
a birth companion that’s proven and time tested

You’ve taken HypnoBirthing or another birth class
before but want a refresher or a new perspective.

This May Not Be For You If:

You’re in the first trimester
(come to the next one!)

You’re not yet pregnant
(see you soon)

You feel that you’re already super
well prepared, calm, and totally
in control of your birth experience.

Register now and we look forward to seeing
you and makig sure that you feel calm,
well prepared, relaxed and ready for
a great birth experience.


Robin Frees on HypnoBirthing Class

Robin Frees on HypnoBirthing Class

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