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Finding A Lactation Consultant In Malvern

Finding A Certified Lactation Near You – In Malvern, PA

If you are a new mother and have questions about nursing or breastfeeding, your primary care physician or pediatrician might refer you to a lactation consultant (an LC).

Lactation consultants are allied health care professionals certified by the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners.  Their professional

designation is IBCLC. Lactation consultants can be hospital based or they can be in private practice.

Breastfeeding Home Visits and Office Visits

In some cases, hospitals will allow new mothers to return to see hospital based Lactation Consultants but in many cases, it may be necessary or desirable to see a

private practice LC.  Lactation Consultants in private practice will either have in office visits where you take your baby to the office and/or provide home visits where a

LC will come to your home and conduct an examination and consultation including weighing the baby before and after feeding, assessment of the baby’s suck

and will work with  you to answer all of your nursing questions and to help you to reach your personal breastfeeding goals.

Lactation consultations are often covered by insurance so be sure to have the lactation consultant provide you with the claim forms needed

for reimbursement by your carrier.

Finding a lactation consultant near you:

One great source for lacation information and to find a lactation consultant near you is the site for ILCA.

visit and insert your town and state, or your zip code to find a lactation consultant near you.

You can also visit Main Line Health for a lactation consultant in your area.

If you’re located in or around Malvern Pa, and would like a rich source of information for nursing mothers please visit  You can also reach Robin Frees, IBCLC at 610-644-1379.  If Robin is unavailable,

her assistants or one of her lactation consultants will help you or will return your call promptly.

Robin B. Frees IBCLC Lactatio Consultant

Robin B. Frees IBCLC Lactation Consultant

Robin Frees, IBCLC is a lactation consultant with an office in Malvern Pennsylvania and providing home visits in many

communities in Chester County, Montgomery County, and Delaware County and the Western Suburbs of Philadelphia.

Office visits and home visits for breastfeeding mothers can be scheduled in Malvern or at your home on the western Main Line, Malvern, West Chester,

Phoenixville, Spring City, Pottstown, Devon, Wayne, Paoli, Wynwood, Exton, Downingtown, Chester Springs and many surrounding communities.

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