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Skin to Skin Contact – Your Most Underrated Skill Set As A New Mother

Skin To Skin Contact by Robin B. Frees Certified Lactation Consultant, Malvern Pa    

Never underestimated the simple things.

At birth, skin to skin contact helps your new baby (and all babies) to adjust to his or

her  new environment, helps to regulate both temperature and breathing,  and to reduce

stress in the newborn.  Studies have also shown that skin to skin contact helps to regulate

blood sugar in the new baby.

Skin to skin contact also facilitates maternal – newborn bonding and breast feeding.

So insist upon skin to skin contact with your baby after birth and whenever medically

possible, delay post partum procedures such as eye ointment, foot printing, and non

essential procedures until mother and baby have had at least one hour together skin to skin.

And, since things tend to move so quickly following delivery it is a great idea to make

skin to skin contact part of your birth plan, it should also be discussed with your nurse

before the baby is born so that they are aware of and can then accomodate your desires.


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