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The Use of Probiotics in Breastfeeding Infants with Colic – Evidence Supporting This Practice

There is a growing body of evidence, that the use of probiotics in infants with

colic is effective in reducing crying time and might be more effective than simethicone

in treating colicky nursing babies.

These results were recently published in Pediatrics (The Journal for the Academy of Pediatrics)

PEDIATRICS Vol. 119 No. 1 January 2007, pp. e124-e130 (doi:10.1542/peds.2006-1222)

Lactobacillus reuteri (American Type Culture Collection Strain 55730)

Versus Simethicone in the Treatment of Infantile Colic:

A Prospective Randomized Study

Francesco Savino, MD, Emanuela Pelle, MD, Elisabetta Palumeri, MD,

Roberto Oggero, MD and Roberto Miniero, MD

can be reviewed at:

Click Here for The Probiotic Article Abstract :

Click Here For The Full Text of The Probiotics For Babies Article

Robin Frees, IBCLC Certified Lactation Consultant

Robin Frees, IBCLC Certified Lactation Consultant

Robin B. Frees, IBCLC

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