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More on The Physiologial Challenges of Nursing Mothers

In our last post, Robin Frees – Lactation Consultant and
director of NewBorn Concepts was interviewed on the issues
and challenges faced by new mothers who want to breastfeed
their babies.

In this installment, Robin Frees is again interviewed by the Malvern
Patch for World Breastfeeding week
on the physical issues
and challenges faced by new mothers.

If you are currently nursing or you plan to breastfeed your
baby or babies, then these videos are a nice and quick review of
some issues, food for thought and designed to help
you to a successful breastfeeding experience.

Watch Robin address challenges of breastfeeding and
how to “create your success.”

Malvern Patch and World Breastfeeding Week

For information about home and office lactation consultations, fertility,
breastfeeding, and maintaining your milk supply visit or
call 610-644-1379.

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