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Looking For Breastfeeding help in Wayne, Devon, Malvern Areas? New Lower Cost Option

To:  New Mothers Who Need Breastfeeding Help

From: Robin Frees
Date: 12/6/09
Subject: New Services Announcement    DROP-IN HOURS!!! (no appointment needed)
For more information, please review this brief note that we just sent to the practices that refer to us.


In these difficult times, some mothers are forgoing the expense of a lactation consultation

and end up weaning earlier than desired. However the expense of formula for a year can

be over $2000 while the cost of a consultation is around $150.

In order to meet the needs of your patients,  NewBorn Concepts is offering a new

service – “Drop-in hours”.

Every Monday from 9:30 – 11:30 am, we will have a board certified lactation

consultant available for drop in hours at our Wayne office location

(110 W. Lancaster Ave. Suite 200).

No appointment is necessary for this low cost, personalized session

($20 for 20 minutes) and mothers can discuss any breastfeeding concerns

such as feeding frequency, pumping, milk supply, nipple soreness,

returning to work etc…

If we determine the mother needs a full consultation (90 minutes) we will

schedule one for later in the week (often the next day) and discount the fee

by the $20. Full consultations occur at our Malvern office or home visit.

We hope your patients find this new service useful. Please post the attached

announcement. More information will follow.

Thank you for your help,

Robin Frees

So, if you would like the opportunity to meet with a certified

lactation consultant at one of our convenient area offices, then please

drop in during the new Monday hours.  We look forward to seeing you and

to helping you to have a better nursing experience with your new baby.

Robin B. Frees    Primary office:
116 E. King Street
Malvern, PA 19355
T/F: 610-644-1379

Office for drop in hours:          11o West Lancaster Avenue

Suit 200

Wayne, Pennsylvania 19087

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